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For example, I'm ninety nine percent sure that the [email protected] twins used to be Eon Ticket exclusive, which was an Event Item, same thing with Deoxys, though it's a different ticket. What other "event" Pokemon are no longer event Pokemon?

A Mythical Pokemon is a special subset of legendaries, not those that were only from events.
Oh, okay I didn't know that, let me edit the q to fix it.

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Deoxys was available in the ORAS Delta Episode, and was only accessible from events prior to then.

Keldeo is able to be battled and captured in the Crown Tundra, making it one of the only to appear without an event.

Victini has been datamined for the Crown Tundra, but as of now, there is no way to obtain it legally.


That's all of them, but with Gen 4 remakes and Legends of Arceus on the horizon, it's possible more are on the way.

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