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I've seen two shiny Shaymin on the GTS, and I'm curious as to why they could be put onto the GTS.

(This is my first question)

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Shaymin could be caught in the wild in a place called Flower Paradise, you just needed an event item called Oak's Letter to get there. GTS only restricts Cherish Balls and a certain ribbon (the name of which eludes me right now), and because Shaymin could be caught in the wild, it can be in any pokeball available in Gen IV and therefore that particular Shaymin can be put on the GTS

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or it could be hacked to not have that ribbon
Although the GTS is a train wreck, not everything on there is guaranteed to be hacked my friend
true dat, however I'm not sure how legit a shiny level 20 mew is
oh don't get me wrong, most ARE dodge, just not all
i found it on the GTS while i was playing Pokemon X

lets just say that... i have NEVER seen Shaymin in the GTS of Pokemon Sun and Moon

and i have found sum hacked pokemon in Cherish Balls with NO NAME! they ask for pokemon that is Genderless like Ditto and put a Gender on it... Explain that O.O
search "cult" in the search bar. I have a question about that.