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I'm 99.9% sure it is, but when I go to it's page, it says it's available in Gen 4 but requires Oak's Letter. Is this an Event Item, and if so, why does the page not say, requires Event Oak's Letter?

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It is an event Pokemon, because Oak's Letter is an event item.

You could also get Shaymin with event distributions in DPPT, HGSS, BW, XY, ORAS, SU, and USUM. Also, the events for Shaymin are long gone. If you want Shaymin in any other game, you have to trade. You can also get Shaymin with a glitch in DP.


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If you want more, then I will be happy to edit my answer.
Is the glitch only in DP, or is it also in Pt? Also, give a link to the glitch.
It is only in DP. I think I did post a link to the glitch, correct me if I'm wrong.
Dang it, I only have Platinum, also, I wouldn't know, as I can't actually access those links, seeing as how they're bulbapiedia.
You forgot the void glitch ;P

Edit: oh wait, it’s there, my bad. might want to touch up on it a bit more? Add more detail? But yeah not necessary. Sorry sksksksk