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Smogon has a damage calculator, but does it also have a speed calculator, 'cause I couldn't find one. If it doesn't, can you list some websites that do?

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Honestly, you don't need a Speed calculator. Here's a simple way to find out who will attack first:

  • Find floor base stat. This is your Base Speed stat plus 5 at Level 100.
  • Factor in IVs. IVs add themselves to your stat at Level 100. If you have a 31 IV, that's +31.
  • Factor in EVs. EVs add themselves divided by 4 to your stat at Level 100. If you have 252 EVs, that's +63.
  • Factor in Nature. Positive natures give x1.1 speed, neutral natures give x1 speed, and hindering/negative natures give x0.9 speed.
  • Factor in boosts. Here are how boosts affect your stats:

+1 => x1.5
+2 => x2
+3 => x2.5
+4 => x3
+5 => x3.5
+6 => x4

  • Factor in certain moves, abilities, items, and statuses. They are as follows:

Choice Scarf => x1.5
Tailwind => x2
Unburden (When item is consumed) => x2
Swift Swim (In Rainy weather) => x2
Quick Feet (When afflicted by status ailment) => x1.5
Paralysis (On a Pokemon that doesn't have Quick Feet) => x0.5

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A Pokemon speed calculator can be found here.
It is based off of the current damage calculator and is developed by Joim.