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D: Me and Slash and flame were all derping on ori to try to Get Scarfed Swift Swim Lumineons speed

I said:

309 x 2 = 618

Thats Max ASpeed & Swift Swin

Then I Said

309 Divided by 2 = 154.5
Thats How Much the scarf Adds

So the base Speed Is 154.5 + 618
which is 772.5

Am I right? IS Flame an Idiot?? IS Lumineon Super Speedy? Can Someone jkust confirm or correct this for me? ty

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Lmfao, 309 x 2 isn't 609. You're great at math, kid.
I actually am great at math :3 I Just dont....
Oh god, let's just settle this. I kept telling you guys I have a calculator. And it says it's 927.

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309 * 2 = 618

618 * 1.5 = 927

309 * 1.5 = 463.5

463.5 * 2 = 927


Correct me if i'm wrong :D

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so swift swim doubles the speed including the scarf? >.< idek
I think 0_o I can figure it out for sure just gimme a sec
OK Thank u Jar SHUSH SLASH OR I'll Tag u an idiot aswell
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...I was right. Want proof? Here's proof:
309 x 1.5 = 463.5
463.5 x 2 = 927

enter image description here

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we'll see, we'll see
Seriously? You still don't think so? Your formula was Z x 1.5 x 2, and TWO answers said that. I also have proof from the image, so 3.
o.O when did you have an account here :s lel
U made an account just for that T.T