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I wanna use a Defend Order wall in Balanced Hackmons, just wanna know all the moves that calculate damage that doesn't use the user's Attack or Special Attack.

Thanks in advance and merry Christmas :D

Ok I took that away only moved that have fixed power but use defence, special defence or speed like body press has a fixed 80 power
Only Body Press deals damage not based on attack. The rest like Gyro Ball, example, have the user’s speed decide on base power, not damage
Nhm that's why I changed it :3
Body press
Siesmic toss and night shade
Dragon rage and sonic boom
Super fang and nature's madness

Lastly, all OHKO moves
Hope I helped!
You forgot a bunch, like counter.

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Bide, Counter, Dragon Rage, Endeavor, Final Gambit, Fissure, Guardian of Alola, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Metal Burst, Mirror Coat, Nature's Madness, Night Shade, Psywave, Seismic Toss, Sheer Cold, Sonic Boom, Super Fang
There's also foul play and body press. Gyro ball and electro ball deal damage using both speed and an attack stat.

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Also defend order is a bad move because most teams carry 2 or 3 spectral thief users.