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There could be a Speed EV booster, a stat-raising/stat-decreasing move, ability, and so on. Baton Pass could also work. Since the stats above are kind of low, I want something to boost it a lot.

There doesn't really seem to be any options for Def, and since most Ground-types are physical, guess I'll have to switch in or coverage.
Intimidate lowers an opponent's Attack.
I know but it isn't much.

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You can apply X Speed, X Defense, or X Sp. Def to Luxray to temporarily boost one of those stats. As you said, another option is Baton Pass.

Luxray can learn Agility to sharply boost its Speed temporarily, and Scary Face to lower the opponent's Speed. It can learn Charge to raise Special Defense, and Eerie Impulse also sharply lowers the opponent's Special Attack. It's Ability, Intimidate, lowers an opponent's Attack.

Or, just get one with good IVs and a good Nature, and EV train it in the stats you want.


Hope I helped!

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The fastest speed you will get on this is with a Jolly nature, perfect IVs, and 252 EVs and it will come out at 262. So if you want to outspeed anything, you should probably slap a Choice Scarf on it.

With max EVs, IVs, and a Defense boosting nature, it comes out at 282. Another option would be to use an Eviolite Luxio.

Special Defense
With max EVs, IVs, and a Special Defense boosting nature, it comes out as 282 as well. Again, the only reliable way to boost defenses would be to use Eviolite Luxio.

Offensive stats are more useful In-game.

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