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ok, I know no unofficial games, but I assume this is allowed because of thisquestion. what is this twitch plays Pokemon? a detailed answer please, thanks!


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Twitch Plays Pokemon is a social test where you can go on Twitch (the livestreaming place) and insert chat commands to play Pokemon Crystal.

For example, if you type in left in Twitch Chat, Ethan moves left. If you type in A, Ethan presses A. Seems simple, right? Try this when there are 70,000 people doing this all at once.

This is a test of the Infinite Monkey Theorem which states that a monkey on a typewriter pressing random keys will surely produce one of Shakespeare's famous plays. This is a mathematical equation with small probability, and not actually monkeys. :P

...except this isn't Shakespeare, but playing a video game.

Try it out here!

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o3o that must be annoying
They completed the game of Pokemon Red, and the sense of achievement they feel is not irrational.
now they are doing crystal/silver/gold
They're doing crystal now. Poor Ethan.
Those poor fools. They should know better than to take on a normal type gym with a ton of low level normal types.
They also should spread the levels during democracy time. Feraligatr is literally their only chance.
Although that was a few hours ago . . .
did we evolve Totodile yet?