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What is Helix Fossil? Who is Bird Jesus? Jut what is the signifigance if The Ledge? What does the Moon Stone mean? All these questions and more plague me after reading this article. I already had a very baskc understanding about Twitch Plays Pokémon (I know what Bird Jesus is), but now I have a bunch of new questions. If someone could give me an overview of it, just the highlights, or even just a link to a detailed explanation, please do!

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Bonus points to whoever provides a link to the TwitchPokémon stream or links to the best moments!
Based on those pics it seems you know wut ur talking about
Lord Helix is a god made by the fans of twitch nuff said

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The Helix Fossil: Was obtained at Mt.Moon. Throughout the game, since there were so many buttons being pressed at once, the player would constantly be selecting the Helix Fossil in the item menu, despite it being unusable. After a while, the chat began calling the Fossil for "advice" and eventually got the Lord Helix name.

Bird Jesus: A Pidgeot that was one of the main Pokemon used in the playthrough. It got its name because it would be the strongest in the team and would always help them get out of trouble when losing a battle (most of the time, anyway). It was one of the few who survived "Bloody Sunday"

The Ledge: Throughout the playthrough, there were ledges all over the place. Since the game wasn't being properly controlled, people would push down instead of the way they should go and caused the player to jump off the ledges. This continued for hours throughout the game until a Democracy mode was activated, which had the chat vote on a certain direction to go every 30 seconds or so.

The Moon Stone: Was also consulted for "advice, but was eventually thrown out because it "wasn't giving the right advice".

BONUS: Flareon and Dome Fossil: When Eevee was obtained, the chat was excited, for they needed a water type to progress in the game. Vaporeon was a good choice. However, the out of control game eventually evolved the Eevee into Flareon. They began calling the Flareon "The false Prophet", and was said to be scheming the players misfortune with the Dome Fossil.

Here's a highlights Video: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c6hmslQ90C8

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Democracy mode wasn't created for the ledge of doom; it was first enabled in the Rocket hideout, if I remember correctly. Anarchy got past the ledge eventually with widespread planning.
Thanks for the detail, sorry I couldn't get to this sooner :P
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The Helix Fossil is a fossilized version of Omanyte and is referred to 'Lord Helix' by Twitch Plays Pokemon Red. The reason? Not really one, but it was revived on Cinnabar Island and was able to help in the Elite 4 and the Champion.

Bird Jesus is Pidgeot by any means and well no reason again why its called that.

it was bird jesus because it saved the stream's game so many times as the last survivor of fights.