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I got a Riolu egg at iron island on platinum. When I got it I started walking to hatch it and I just happened to stop and save the game just a few steps from it hatching. So I was wondering that if I hatch it and it's a male ( I don't want a male ) then can I turn the game off without saving and turn it back on and try again if I could get a female , or is it going to be a male no matter what?


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A Pokémon's Ability, Nature, Gender, Shininess, IV's, Characteristic etc. is determined when the Egg is given to the player by the Day Care Man.

So the answer to your question is no. As if you get an Egg off the Day Care Man, save the game, hatch it, find out it's not the Gender you want etc., then turn the game off and hatch it again it will have the exact same details as the Egg you just hatched.

The only way to do what you're talking about is if you save before the Day Care Man gives you the Egg. After it hatches if it's not the preferences you want you can turn the game off and start the process of getting the egg, hatching the egg, finding out it's details and then either keeping it or turning your game off and beginning the process again.

The gender ratio for Riolu is 87.5% Male to 12.5% Female.

Source: Experience and Here.

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The Riolu has 12'5% to be female and 87'5% to be male so it's like Set so it's average to get a Female Riolu in the 5th try.

But for other Pokemon it can be different.


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Actually no,In gen 8 the eggs gender is determined when the egg is created and not when you receive the egg or it’s determined while the Pokémon are in the nursery

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