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Will my Exeggutor always have a hidden power rock type or are there other types it can have? Can it change depending on IV's?

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Hidden power rock is actually very good on exeggutor, or any grass type really

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If your Exeggutor's Hidden Power is Rock type I'm afraid there's no way to change it's type without hacking.

Hidden Power can be all types except Normal and Fairy (despite being classed as a Normal type move). Hidden Power can't be Fairy because Hidden Power was released in Generation II and the mechanics have stayed the same since then, Fairy type was released in Generation VI.

The type and power (Gen II to Gen V) of Hidden Power varies based on a Pokémon's IV. Since you can't change your Exeggutor's IV's other than by hacking you can't legitimately change your Exeggutor's Hidden Power.

If you want your Exeggutor to have a different Hidden Power type then I suggest getting another Exeggutor sorry.

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It can have any type Hidden power, but it depends on its IV's.
To find out how each type is decided click here.

Source: Bulbapedia

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Hidden Power's type and base values are based of IV's. It will differ each type according to it's IV's, so no.


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so, if you hyper train a pokemon will its hidden power change?