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My Torterra has Solarbeam and every time I use Solar Beam it doesn't take a lot of damage.
So please tell if it is good or which other move should my Torterra learn.


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It doesn't do much damage because Torterra only has 75 base special attack.
Instead of Solar beam you should use Wood hammer, Earthquake, Crunch even. It's a physicall attacker with base 109 attack, most physical attacks should work better.

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I would replace Solar Beam with either Seed Bomb or Wood Hammer as your main Grass type move.

Torterra has higher Attack (109) than Special Attack (75), not to mention that Solar Beam is a two turn move (unless you give Torterra a Power Herb or use it in sun), needing a turn to charge before it hits. In which case your opponent could just switch out into a Pokémon that resists Grass such as Heatran.


Hope I helped :)