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I have not used items or super trained. Its so annoying that my special moves don't do as much :(


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1 It could be that you have been beating Pokemon that gives Attack EVs
2 You could have been using a Item that boost Physical Attack
3 You engage in battle and someone lowers your Sp Atk
4 You engage in battle and someone is boosting your Attack etc Swagger
5 You are just imagining things like you use Water Gun and your physical move is Rock Slide

That's the possibilites I see

You could also use a Reset Bag on your Greninja so you could EV train it in SP Atk

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If you haven't used items or super trained, then there are 2 main reasons I can think of:

  1. You've battled randomly with your Greninja, meaning it's gained random EVs along the way which have affected its stats.
  2. Modest doesn't mean sp. atk is its best stat; it just means that its sp. atk is boosted by 10% and attack is decreased by 10%. Your Greninja could just have a really low sp. atk IV and a higher attack IV.

You can also have been using non-STAB special moves and STAB physical moves, meaning Greninja might have dealt more physical damage as a result.

Thank you guys