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Is there any event that Ash can compete in that don't involve using Pokemon or skills as a trainer, or is the entire series Pokemon-biased.

My motivation for this came from this paragraph:

"Prima calls back Cloyster, and looks at Pikachu to see if it is okay. She tells Ash that he has the skills he needs to be a Pokémon Master, but he needs to remember that his Pokémon are the ones who win the Badges. She tells him that with his Pokémon and friends at his side, he'll always succeed. She then tells him that if he wins all the Gym Badges in the Orange League, he'll be presented with an "Honorable Trainer" trophy. Ash then thanks Prima".

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Yeah, in Japan they released an episode called Beauty and the beach. Ash and the gang crashes a boat and they need to pay the owner of the boat because they crashed it. The service in return is that they have to work on a café. but that fails aswell. It ends up that Misty enters a swimsuit competition so she will win the prize money. So there was a swimsuit competition.


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That one swimsuit competition was more of gender-specific fan-service. I guess it's up to the viewer to get creative and come up with something in fan fiction.