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i heard you can buy it somewhere in gane.


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After you become stylish enough, you can go to the stone emporium in lumoise city on vernal ave and buy one. The prices vary depending on how stylish you are. The price changes from the initial Pokémon Dollar1,000,000, the price drops to Pokémon Dollar500,000, Pokémon Dollar300,000, Pokémon Dollar150,000, Pokémon Dollar100,000, Pokémon Dollar70,000, Pokémon Dollar50,000, and finally Pokémon Dollar10,000.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lumiose_City#Stone_Emporium

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The money in Pokemon is called Yen (The money used in Japan) just to let you know.
yeah no the official name is Pokedollar
Pokedollar is the official name. They just use the same symbol as Yen.