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As an example, I'm pretty sure leftovers recovery happens before Status. If you could make a list with this, it would be Great.
Example (+2 happens first):

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+2: leech seed
+1: leftovers, nightmare
+-0: harvest

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+8 Destiny Bond KO / Flinch on last Pokemon
+7 Weather Damage
+6 Leftovers recovery
+5 Poison Heal Recovery
+4 Speed Boost
+3 Black Sludge/Sticky Barb Damage
+2 Leech Seed
+1 Damage from Status Conditions (Burn, Poison, Confusion, Nightmare, Wrap, etc.)
+0 " harvested one Berry!" / "__ was poisoned/burned by Flame/Toxic orb!" message

Taken from the following replays:
Replay 1 | Replay 2 | Replay 3 | Replay 4 | Replay 5 | Replay 6

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Required a lot of testing. Tell me if I forgot any items/abilities that have an effect at the end of the turn and I'll add them.
damn...nice :D
Wow, thanks! Im pretty sure that was everything but i might come up with more later. GJ
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