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So in B & W you could get one Darmanitan with a hidden ability by using a RageCandyBar, then is it possible to get two? So lets say the player used their RageCandyBar, hacked another one into the game, and tried giving it to a second statue, would that work?


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Yes, the hacked ragecandy bar would work i have tried it.

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There is no need to hack the game. Try trading over another Rage Candy Bar and try giving it to another statue. If that doesn't work,try breeding the Darmanitan. Breed about ten of them and you should have at least one Darumaka with the ability Zen Mode.

EDIT: You can also use the Royal Unova to get Rage Candy Bars but only on Saturdays.(Credit belongs to Crimson1)

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It's possible to do this in black/white 2 as multiple RageCandyBars are obtainable. As long as you have a RageCandyBar, it should work, not sure it would if you hacked them in though.
Edit: because you would just add the exact item it would work if hacked in.

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You can just breed that Darmanitan instead of hacking the game. If it is a male, try breeding it with a Ditto. If it's a female you can breed it with a Ditto or another Darumaka/Daramanitan.

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You can also get more Rage Candy Bars as one of the rewards on the Royal Unova, but only on Saturdays.