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What is Pokemon that is drastically change after evolving? And HOW comes!? Here as some example:

1. Dragonair -evolving- Dragonite

2. Magikarp -evolving- Gyarados

3. Feebas - evolving- Milotic

4. Trapinch -evolve- Vibrava - evolve- Flygon

1. How comes blue,white serpentine dragon evolving into orange,winged with legs and arms dragon?
2. Weakest fish turned into one of powerful dragon-like creature!?
3. Ugly and disgusting fish turned into grace and beautiful serpentine!? (Possibly taken from 'The Ugly Duckling' Story).
4. How come wingless bug-like creature turned into wing bug-like creature, turned into a resemble of dragon-type? Also how come Vibrava and Flygon get Ground as their second-type, when they more likely had a bug appreance?

P.S: Sorry, I asking too much. I'm just confused!


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Gamfreak is crazy. That's why :>

These Evolutions seem to occur as a byproduct of what the Pokemon are based on. See below.

Dragonair ---> Dragonite
Dragonair to Dragonite is kind of just the transition between two similar types of dragons.
>It appears to be based on sea serpents or ryu, traditional Japanese dragons or Chinese dragons who bring good luck.

>Dragonite resembles Japanese sea dragons, or European dragons, or fairy dragons; its description as the "guardian of the sea" may also suggest it has elements similar to the Chinese dragon.

Perhaps this could be explained simply by the theory of evolution. I mean like apparently we were apes according to that :I so why can't Sea Serpents become Sea Dragons? :P
Alternatively they're just different kind of dragons. If you look at Chinese Mythology, you have those long elongated dragons with tiny arms and wings. And then you also have those massive, typical dragons with big wings and all that.

Magikarp ---> Gyarados
>Magikarp is based on a legend about how carp that leapt over the Dragon Gate would become dragons.

Magikarp = Useless Karp (It's also based on the Asian Carp)
Gyarados = Sea Dragon/Serpant thingy

This could also relate to the fact that Magikarp can climb waterfalls and all that. They leap over waterfalls to become Gyarados :I
>Several waterfalls and cataracts in China are believed to be the location of the Dragon Gate

See the relationship between the Dragon Gate and Waterfalls. :D!

Feebas ---> Milotic
>It also seems to be based on the classic fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling, where a small and feeble "ugly duckling", treated as an outcast by other animals, blossoms into a beautiful swan.

>Feebas is a combination of feeble (weak) and bass. Feebas is also phonetically similar to phoebus (Latin for shining one), possibly alluding to Milotic, its evolved form.

Feebass = ugly fish
Milotic = b00tiful shining fishy thing

Trapinch ---> Vibrava ----> Flygon
This one is the easiest to explain tbh.
These three Pokemon are based on the animal the Antlion.
>It is based on the larval stage of the antlion, which live in conical sandy pits before maturing into winged adults.

>Vibrava is based on the adult stage of an antlion.

>Flygon is based on the winged, adult stage of the antlion, which highly resembles a dragonfly.

So yeah you can see the resembelence. Trapinch is the wingless, larvae form which burrows in the sand. Vibrava and Flygon are the adult, winged forms thus also explaining their typing. The fact that Vibrava and Flygon also seem to draw inspiration from Dragonfiles could also explain their typing.

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Your answer is allot more grown-up than mine lol. :3
Wow! That's a long answer! But thanks anyway!
Can you give me a list of Pokemon I asked?
Unfortunately, the 'drastic evolution' part is open to interpretation.
For example, I don't consider any of the above all that drastic, due to the fact that they are easily explained through nature or through ancient myths and legends.
I thought Magikarp---> Gyarados was just a joke. Apparently not...

Also isn't Feebas supposed to sound like seabass, a type of fish?
Yeah it's based of a bass
I'm just saying the reason it goes from the ugly fish to the fishy swan
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I believe that Gamefreak likes to associate allot of the Pokemon evolution with a combination of real-life evolutionary theory as well as old folklore and legends. Not to mention a little kid-friendly imagination!

  1. This evolutionary chain can be described as "origins", or evolutionary theories of the "Dragon", or even all other animals and beings! "A serpent crawling out of the ocean and eventually sprouting wings." Not much unlike real life evolutionary theory isn't it?

  2. I misunderstood this one at first: It is apparently a old folk tail about how a carp "leapt over a gate to become a dragon", which is pretty interesting! I just now learned that Sempiternus lol.

  3. Like you said, classic plot twist/fairytail logic. I wouldn't put it past Gamefreak to attribute it like that. Also, I like to compare it more to Shrek. ^.^

  4. First of all, it evolves along that cycle because of metamorphoses, Just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, or a Caterpee turns into a Butterfree! As for why it's typed as it is, Sempiternus beat me to it again. It's because it's based of the antlion, which has three cycles exactly like the evolutionary stages of the Pokemon, and they burrow underground to forum their nests which explains the Ground Typing, and the only reason it's also a dragon instead of an bug type is because of Gamefreak's ideology. I like to call it Kidology

Think of it this way: The dragonfly is an odd creature. It can also be fairly sizable depending on the species. Now, tell me: if you where a little kid again and you saw a huge dragonfly wizz past you at speed, would you not think it was a small dragon? Hehehe.

It's all about imagination. ^.^

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You still haven't answered why Vibrava and Flygon get Ground-type as their types. Why not Bug-type, since both resembling a bug?
And you still haven't give me a list of Pokemon that drastically changed.
It didn't seem like you wanted a list.. You really should make it more specific. It's also a rule of this Q&A that the title of the question be specific. So, I'd change it to "Questions about "Drastic" Pokemon Evolution" before people start flagging you. Just Fyi. =P

I'll answer your other one I missed in just a minute tho lol.
Well... At least my main question already answered. Although I stil hope for people to see the question before answering them (not the one from title).
Yea, it's all good.

Fixed my answer as well. =)