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It breaks screens, so why don't people use it?


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Brick Break was used prior to the 4th generation games, as they had introduced a much stronger move known as Close Combat. The 75 base power provided with the move isn't exactly what most battlers look for to rip up the opposing Pokemon and its niche of breaking screens has pretty much been ended with the outbreak of Defog so that you don't even see Reflect or Light Screen much more. Besides Brick Break, other Physical Fighting type moves are Superpower, High Jump Kick, and Drain Punch.

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Most setters of screens are psychic types so brick break won't be doing much. Also it basically has no effectiveness and is pretty weak over all. Outclassed by other coverage moves.

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'Cause fighting-type moves with much better side effects exist:

Drain Punch:
Same base power, great distribution and heals the user by half damage done

Close Combat:
A whopping 120 base power topped off with 100 accuracy. The only downside is that it lowers the users Def and SDef by 1 stage.

High Jump Kick:
130 base power and 90 accuracy without the Def and SDef drop make this an incredible move. However, in the 10% chance that you miss, you lose 50% of your max HP.

A move pretty much identical to CC but lowering Atk instead of SDef.