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My Landorus-T's Brick Break will always OHKO a max Defence Alolan-Ninetales if Aurora Veil is not up. However, if Aurora Veil is up, Brick Break does not kill. So my question is:

Does Brick Break remove the effects of Aurora Veil before or after dealing damage?

If so, then I have no fear (it's a scarf Landorus so I'll outspeed regardless).

The screens break after the attack. You can see them break during the attack.
But he’s asking about when the damage occurs, not the animation
No, he's asking when screens break (and Aurora Veil) if they're set-up.

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Brick Break removes Reflect/Light Screen/Aurora Veil before attacking

Well, that’s what I read on every Pokémon site I found. As for your Alolan Ninetales thing, I think it’s just coincidence, the algorithm used to determine damage dealt in Pokémon varies sometimes, by just a few HP, fortunately.

Oh ok. Having just rechecked, it was on HP Steel, not Brick Break. Oops!

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Removing screens/veil before damaging sounds niche to ignore that same effects and dealing more Damage.

Source: this site himself and, in ruby I send my swampert to use brick break to brake the steven’ s Claydol

“Brick Break deals damage, but removes the effects of Reflect and Light Screen before attacking.”

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