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i know a similar question has been asked, but I want to know with three moves. dont care neutral voverage. okay if its not very effective against 1 or 20 Pokemons as long as it has best super effective coverage. I believe it would be electric-ice-ground or fire-water-ice or something, but no idea


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Ice, Electric and Ground have a super effective coverage of 505, a neutral coverage of 268, and no effect on Shedinja.

Stone and Ground are the two moves with the most coverage between them. Paired with Ice they have a neutral coverage of 283. and a Super Effective coverage of 491.

Following is Stone and Ground with Bug at 292 Neutral Coverage and 482 Super Effective.

Source: DB Type Coverage Checker

Thanks Dr Dude for rechecking that :p

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I checked on that coverage calculator (thanks for the tip) and found out that ice electric and ground was SE against 505 pokes
Oh lol, I never put those three together, derp :p
I guess I'll edit the answer then.
:P thanks. 100% Sure that there is nothing better than 505?