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e.g. Grass, Electric, Fire, Water :>

Wut? I dunno what you ask
Ummm... like what four types of moves hit the most pokemon for super effective damage
Okay. Thanks

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BoltBeam(Electric+Ice) EdgeQuake(Rock+Ground) has the highest coverage at

179 Normal Effectiveness
490 Super Effectiveness

Called BoltBeam and EdgeQuake because the most powerful moves in those catgories that are learned by the most pokes are, respectively, Thunder bolt and Ice Beam, Stone Edge and Earth quake

Mew, Regigigas, Machamp, and Hitmonchan can all learn ThunderPunch, Ice Punch, Stone Edge, and Earthquake for a physical spread.

Arceus, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Mew, Dialga and Palkia can learn Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Earth Power, and Power Gem or HP Rock for a special combo.

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And i'd forgotten about HP Rock :P
lel Charizard, U have a habit of commenting when im typing :P and i didn't need specific moves, just types :P
At least I am known for something :D
Those moves are generally the moves that are seen most commonly for these combos charizard, that's all.
I am actually greatful that there are people like you MK. Otherwise I would be a pokénoob for eternity.
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Before I got another downvotes because of misconception, I change my answer.

It was Fighting, Ground, Dark and Steel.

Sorry, if I am wrong, since I using this type and confirm is good for me.

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clearly not what i meant
You write about grass water fire electric, so I thought you ask for that type. That's why you need to put info more specific, so people won't got confused.
lel Mr.K didnt need an explanation, Writing about those four types was my examples : I

also it wasnt me who downvoted
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To have a moveset that covers most types:

  • ice, dark, rock, ground.
    • You would take care of grass, ground, rock, dragon, flying, ghost, psychic, bug, fire, steel, ice, poison, electric if I am doing this correctly. That is 13 types.

I am sure there is a more perfect coverage set out there but this is what I could determine.

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Best super effective type coverage is Actually Ice, Electric, Ground, and Flying hitting a total of 494 Pokemon for super effective and 175 for normal effective damage.

Lugia can run a special set of ice beam, thunderbolt, earth power, and aeroblast
Golurk can go physical with ice punch, thunder punch, earthquake, and fly

this doesn't list gen 6 Pokemon but no type combo should resist all 4 moves.