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Are there actually any four types that would grant perfect coverage?
Are there five?
Is it really six?
Does it go all the way to seven?
Maybe even eight?!
Not nine, I doubt that.

bet i could do this in two :P
comment below if you want me to do it
EDIT: Nvm it'll prob take three more types.
I've asked this already

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Ice, Fighting, Ground, Flying, Dark, Steel, and either Electric/Grass would cover all 18 Pokemon types. This makes a total of 7 types needed. The types in fancy blue text are the ones that give you the most coverage on a Pokemon's moveset.

Source: Above link

As for the typeset that would cover every single Pokemon...

Ice, Fighting, Ground, Flying, Dark, Steel, Electric, Grass, Fire, Dragon, Fairy.

This covers every single Pokemon for super-effective damage, from Abomasnow to Zygarde, in 11 types.

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Spiritomb and Sableye? I realize Eelektross doesn't take super effective damage.
Well, Mold Breaker...
And technically you wold need a Fairy-type move for Spiritomb and Sableye. Thanks though!
What is Dragon needed for? What is one Pokémon that is weak only to Dragon type moves?