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From gen 5 to gen 6? And will trading be possible between two gen 5 games?

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Poketransfer will work, it is a 3ds product. Trading between two games will work via the infra-red function but the global trade system will not work for the ds products anymore.

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What about pokegen?
So the REAL intent of the asker is finally out... and sadly the answer is no.

The reason is that "fake GTS" servers like Pokecheck still let the NDS first connect to Nintendo WFC to "approve" the connection, and then the DNS server (that you set in the NDS wifi connection) redirects the gen4-5 games to the "fake GTS" servers.

Source: Pokecheck programmers
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You can still poke transfer but you can't trade between 2 gen 5 games cause Nintendo WFC will end on May 21. Hope I helped!

Actually, you can trade between 2 gen 5 games over local wireless/infrared tho... just not wifi trade or gts.
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Poke Transfer is accessible from the start of the game on black2/white2 game('s). It's done via infrared and doesn't require the internet, However you must download poke transfer which requires internet to download. (which is from e-shop).

Once you've selected the Pokemon for download, deposit them in box 1. . Now save the game! Take Pokemon black/black2 & white/white2 out and insert Pokemon x/y and click on poke bank from the ds home menu. Once you see the boxes of all the Pokemon you've transferred. Scroll up to the top screen and then scroll left to ''transportation box'' That's a how.... Just as a ref for people in future.

To trade from gen 2 to gen 6 games heres a how to do

  • You must complete games gen 2, 3 and 4 in order to transfer the
    Pokemon to the next gen game....
  • All the games require 2x ds consoles for infrared trades however
    black/black2 and white/white2 can be done on the same console due to
    poke bank :)
  • Pokémon soulsilver to black2... Keep in mind that you must beat the Elite 4 on SS to transfer Pokemon to black2 firstly and 2nd.... you must also have completed the 1st badge and obtained an internet connection set up for black2 (as example).

Source - experience.. Been playing for years.

(if you feel this answer's not correct please leave a message below and I will accomdate after) thanks in advance.

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You can´t transfer pokemon from gen 2 to 3 only 1-2 ,3-6