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You come to PokéMart where already green deliveryman (events) is awaiting you.
You save your game.
You obtain eg. Mew.
Mew you obtained is Adamant nature, however, you want it be special.

Can you load your game and try it as much as you want?

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For many event Pokemon, you can reset for their natures. For the shiny Dogs currently given out, they have set natures. Most of the Pokemon sites that carry news of events will note which events have random natures and which are already set.

Yes I think for wi-fi events the nature is determined when you get the pokemon (and the game saves), not when you pick it up.
So what then??? :(
As stated, you have to look In Serebii, and if there is a nature on the nature section, then you can't change it.
And if ANY NATURE, can I soft-reset?
Yes and no, because as Pokemaster said, its when you get the pokemon, not pick it up. And I yes you can reset it if the nature is not set already.