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I need a hard counter for every s and a ranked threat?

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Since these are the most used Pokemon in OU I need a quick reference guide for counters against them. I'm especially looking for one for thundurus who is IMO the most dangerous Pokemon in OU.

Also if you right a mega as a counter. Put in a substitute counter as mega spots are usuaally taken

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Aegislash enter image description here

Aegislash is particularly dangerous due to King's Shield messing with physical attackers, and his ability to run either Special, or physical attack sets.
An Offensive Counter that works well is Bisharp. With Defiant the attack drop from King's Shield is negated, and his Dark type stabs can easily kill, or seriously maim Aegislash. He also resists Shadow Sneak, meaning that Aegislash is forced to move after to use a more powerful move. Another potential physical counter is Infernape who can utilize Overheat or Flare Blitz.

A Defensive counter is difficult due to Aegislash's ability to run such diverse sets. I've found that Umbreon can stall both Aegislash sets well. Sacred Sword is a potential threat, but a Defensively oriented Umbreon set should be able to handle it well enough.

Charizard Mega-Y enter image description here

Charizard Mega-Y is a particularly threat due to his Sun setting ability and access to Solarbeam. Any Scarfer with a Rock move can handle him, but another option is EBelt Noivern who can Outspeed and kill Charizard-Y with Hidden Power Rock. Defensively, you could use a fire type who can tank Fire Blast or Solarbeam, but will tend to get hit by Focus Blast. Chandelure could potentially handle the classic Fire Blast, Solarbeam, FBlast and Roost set.

Charizard Mega-X enter image description here

Charizard Mega-X has a wicked attack stat and access to Dragon Dance. One Pokemon who could be used to deal with him is Hippowdon who has incredible Defense and HP, a STAB Earthquake and access to Slack Off, a reliable recovery move. Offensively you could use Band Terrakion who can outspeed with 252 Speed EVs. Jolly can be used, but Band Adamant is scary.

Mega Pinsir enter image description here

Speed + Attack + Swords Dance = death and destruction.

Rotom-Wash has been used as a Defensive counter and it's.... ok
+2 252 Atk Aerilate Mega Pinsir Return vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Rotom-W: 169-200 (55.5 - 65.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
It cannot safely switch into +2 Pinsir. Someone who can is Skarmory with 252 HP / 244 Def who then takes less than 50% damage from +2 Return.

Offensively your best bet is to use Talonflame who has access to priority Brave Bird and can move before Quick Attack.

Thundurus-I enter image description here

Thundurus is not quite on the level of offense that it's Therian counterpart is, but it does have access to Prankster which makes it dangerous. The Pokemon with coverage moves like Terrakion are crippled by TWave, and you can't stall it due to Taunt. One of the options you have is to use a ground type, but they tend to fall to HP Ice. Dugtrio can outspeed, but it can't KO. One of your options here is to use Guts Conkeldurr who doesn't care about Taunt, can easily tank special attacks with an Assault Vest, doesn't really care about the Paralysis Speed Drop, and can easily KO Thundurus with Ice Punch.

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Bisharp enter image description here

An Easy way to counter this guy is by using Conkeldurr or Breloom who both have access to Mach Punch and don't really care about Sucker Punch. Another option would be one of the Justice Trio (Terrakion, Virizion, Cobalion) who get an attack boost from dark moves with Justified, and can outspeed Bisharp otherwise. Defensively, you can use Rotom-Heat who can speedcreep, and has access to Will-O-Wisp making him unaffected by Sucker Punch, and safe from other phsyical attacks thanks to the burn.

Deoxys-D enter image description here
Deoxys-S enter image description here

I'm doing these two together because they're counters are largely similar. Both of them get hurt by Prankster Taunt which you can use Sableye or Thundurus-I for. Deo-S isn't a majorly offensive threat, so a good option is often Scizor you can Bug Bite and then Bullet Punch, same for Deo-D, who's HP leaves it vulnerable to attack. Then you simply bring in your SPinner or Defogger and remove the hazards.

Garchomp / Mega Garchomp enter image description here | enter image description here

These two have a good weakness you can target, their speed. They are outsped and can be easily dealt with by opposing dragon types, or those with HP Ice. Otherwise a good option is Mamoswine who can either tank their hits, or strike with Ice Shard. Defensively a Physical wall would be nice, Skarmory and Ferrothorn come to mind, but if Garchomp utilizes Fire Fang then Ferro will bite the dust.

Heatran enter image description here

Ground Move. GG.
But seriously, Heatran is able to run a large variety in sets thanks to his diverse stats and movepool. Florges/Sylveon can both handle his offensive sets fairly well, except Specs, but that's used far less than the AV Heatran.
252+ SpA Heatran Flash Cannon vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Sylveon: 174-206 (44.1 - 52.2%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery
His Defensive set is often ruined by water types due to his only offensive moves being Lava Plume and Earth Power. Another option is Air Balloon Heatran who is immune to both those moves, but that's largely situational.

Kyurem-B enter image description here

Such Attack, much speed ;-;
Scizor Bullet Punch, eat this have fun gg.
Defensively Hippowdon is a good option, or you can use Klefki to set up screens then bring someone in. Kyurem-B is not hard to predict as his usable moves are fairly obvious, Fusion Bolt, Ice Beam, Dragon Claw, Outrage and Substitute are common. His most common item would be Scarf iirc.
But yeah, use Scizor, wreck him.

Landorus-I enter image description here
Landorus-T enter image description here

Fairly similar so same answer for both.

Landorus is a threat due to his speed, his access to U-Turn, and of course, his movesets (Special for Incarnate, physical for Therian) . A good option for walling Lando would be Rotom-Wash (Who can just kill him with Hydro Pump) or Mandibuzz who can handle him with it's Special Defense spread. Offensively use Mamoswine Ice Shard or anything faster with Ice Beam/HP Ice.

Manaphy enter image description here

Manaphy can easily be handled by Mega Venusaur, or Rotom-Wash who both resist it's moves, and can deal hefty damage with their respective STABs. Not much to say past that, don't let it set up.

Continued in second answer (character limit)

Pictures taken from Smogon, all words written from my own head, calcs down using the PS Calculator.

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Invincible. Nothing is in it, so nothing counters it! :D
Thanks. If you can expand on that I'd seriously appreciate it.
Done, hope that helps you out.
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Rotom-Wash enter image description here

Another Pokemon who can run some highly diverse sets, Rotom-W is primarily running wall sets this Gen, and Defensive ones in particular. Mega Venusaur can handle it quite easily, but you can also utilize Mold Breaker Excadrill with Speed Creeping EVs. Taunt is also a good option. Offensive sets such as Scarf can be tied down with a grass type when Rotom-Wash is locked into a water or Electric move.

Talonflame enter image description here

Due to priority Brave Bird this Pokemon has become incredibly difficult to counter. Defensive Rotom-Wash is effective in walling it, and forcing a switch, while Tyrannitar can also be used as it resists both it's moves easily. Offensively Terrakion can survive a priority Brave Bird with 4 / 0 (unboosted), or you can use a Pokemon with Extremespeed to take it out after Stealth Rock.

Mega Tyrannitar enter image description here

Any Fighting move can handle this guy, but you can also utilize Will-O-Wisp to cripple him. Offensively any Fighting type can deal with him and his Dual Stabs, but you can also use Pokemon with Ground stabs such as Mamoswine or Garchomp. Another option is steel moves, like Jirachi's Iron Head. Defensively Skarmory can handle him utilizing Whirlwind to phaze him out, or you can use a Will-O-Wisp sacrifice to cripple him.

Mega Venusaur enter image description here

This guy has become very hard to take down normally due to his Megability Thick Fat. As such the best options are Psychic moves, or Flying moves. Talonflame is a good offensive check, while defensively you can use your own Mega Venusaur, or a steel type to wear him out.

Pictures taken from Smogon, all words written from my own head, calcs down using the PS Calculator.

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Thanks dude
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ok, these Pokemons are hard to just counter straight of the bat as they serves different roles and have different typings. however, mamoswine is very antimeta so it can do well against most of these Pokemons. edgequake also seems good to deal with most of these Pokemons, so you can try edgequake mamoswine. it still looses too some of these 1v1, but I still believe it can fit well in your team

Mamoswine @ Focus Sash / Life Orb / Choice Band
enter image description hereenter image description here
Trait: Thick Fat
252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 HP
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Avalanche / Superpower
- Ice Shard
- Stone Edge / Superpower

deals with most Pokemon in A+, A and C.
i know this one still struggles against the water types in that list, so please don't start bitching about it. team up with [email protected] or a grass type

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