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I really just want an espeon with magic bounce if anyone can help please do!!


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You can catch one in the friend safari with a HA. That's the only way to get it ingame. You can also trade with other players who have the eevee.

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There are three ways to obtain a HA Espeon:

  1. Trade with someone that you know has a HA Espeon

All there really. If you don't have anyone on call, then you could always try and give the GTS a good shot, but only if you are willing to wait another couple of hours.

  1. Catch one in the friend safari

If you get one this way, the Eevee you will catch will have two 31IV stats. However, the blatant point is, you will still need a friend on your PSS that is also a normal type friend. Even then there is a chance that Eevee will not be in there! So, moving on to the kast way to get one, whinch doesn't actually require a friend is...

  1. Receive one in Black/White 2 and use the PokeTransporter to get it

Ok, in Black 2 and White 2, if you go in to the medal office in Castelia City, then on one of the floors, someone will give you a HA Eevee. I think the nature is random, but when I got it it was a timid natured Eevee. You will need White/Black 2, and you will need PokeTransport, but what you won't need is a friend. Don't mean to sound awful. :p

Hope this helped!

when I was writing the answer, it did go 1, 2, 3.