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So let say I have alcremie with decorate. (I Kno it is a bad thing to do but maybe just say that it is doubles and my finger slipped). The opponent is a Espeon with magic bounce. When I use decorate, will Alcremie or Espeon get the boost?
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Magic Bounce reflects the effect of all stat-lowering status moves (excluding Memento), status condition-inducing status moves, entry hazard moves, moves like Taunt and Torment, and so on back to the user. Magic Bounce reflects the same moves that Magic Coat does.

Decorate is a stat RAISING move, so doesn't get reflected. Unfortunately, if your finger were to 'slip', the Espeon's attack and special attack would be sharply raised.

Sources: Bulbapedia: Magic Bounce and Serebii: Decorate

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