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I know for a fact that if Pancham uses Parting Shot, an enemy with Magic Bounce would be forced to steal the move and switch out of battle along with giving Pancham the negative stat modifiers. Would it have similar results if done with Baton Pass?

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Since magic bounce deflects things targeted at you not if the opponent uses it on themselves

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Magic bounce does not affect Baton pass.

>Reflects the effect of all stat lowering status moves (excluding Memento), non-damaging status condition-inducing moves, entry hazard moves, moves like Taunt and Torment, and so on back to the user.

Not only is Baton pass not a stat lowering move, status inducing move, entry hazard etc., it affects the user, not the opponent.

Since Magic bounce deflects non-damaging moves like that when targeted with them, it will not take effect whatsoever.

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