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So, what would happen if a Pokemon with the ability Magic Bounce used Magic Coat? Would Magic Coat reflect the status move? Would Magic Bounce reflect the status move? Or would Magic Coat fail? I know you wouldn't have the move Magic Coat on a Magic Bounce Pokemon but I'm curious about what would happen.

That question doesn't have what I'm looking for. I'm asking what would happen if say someone uses Spikes on a Magic Bounce Pokemon that used Magic Coat. Would Spikes be bounced back by Magic Bounce or Magic Coat?

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I will answer this since I have a source. Magic Coat will activate, but Magic Bounce won't activate at all. So, Magic Coat will reflect the move, not Magic Bounce.
Source: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8ru-1186406623

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Magic Coat activates
Even with the ability Magic Bounce, Magic Coat will activate, and Magic Bounce does nothing.

Do you have a source?
Lots of Showdown battles