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This is the most confusing move I can think of. Maybe Pokemaster knows the answer. I don't know who is right, DT or Swampert.
Do some moveset questions now, im kind of bored.:)
You'll see why I asked this question when I do my moveset.
Yeah, let me guess, your Lopbunny knows magic coat.
The set I have for it has it as well.

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I don't think so, no, because its not a status move. And Taunt does stop Taunt.

EDIT: I was just reading about status ailments and taunt, being a status move, would be bounced back, I think.

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Try this, from smogon.

* All moves that induce status as their only effect (including Yawn), except Teeter Dance
* All moves that do no damage but alter the target's stats (including Flatter and Swagger), except Defog and Memento
* Attract
* Block
* Gastro Acid
* Leech Seed
* Mean Look
* Spider Web
* Worry Seed
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All right, look at my eedit, I saw the same thing.
Changed mine as well.
I'm saying it will. these are the moves that magic coat CAN block.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, this will get interesting, I wonder who voted this question down, I voted it up!
So we both think the same thing, hmmmmm, I wonder what pokemaster has to say.