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I got a Cyndaquil from GTS, but with Blaze ability.

How can I get a Flash Fire Cyndaquil in game without hacks? Can a breed one with just my Blaze one and a Ditto?

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Flash Fire Cyndaquils are not available yet, only through hacking.
So NO you can't breed it.

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But I have Volcarona with Swarm and Ruflet with Hustle.
This link is a little bit old, no?
"Generation 6 Update! Now, any Pokémon, whether male, female, or genderless, can pass its Hidden Ability onto its offspring. As such, any Pokémon on the second list is legal with Egg Moves for Gen VI games. And Gothita, Klink, and Rufflet with Hidden Abilities are legal in Gen VI games as well."

All of it was Gen V info. Though the part on the bottom (in red) tells you the released info for Gen VI.
Flash Fire hasn't been released yet as HA, you can breed it IF you get it through the transporter. And once you do, you can't GTS, wifi trade or link battle with the Flash Fire offspring.