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I got a cyndaquil from a trade today and I'm wondering if it's real. In its summary it says its been obtained from the day care man with the date of hatching the 25. It has the blue checker next to its name which really makes me wonder because only real Pokemon have that checker. Is my cyndaquil real? If it is how did this person get it since Pokemon bank hasn't come out yet?

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If the date of your Cyndaquil is the 25th of December 2013 then it will probably be legit since Pokémon Bank was made available on the 25th of December in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

My guess is that the player who traded you Cyndaquil must of obtained it from a player in one of the above locations and bred it the same day so it would have it's Name, Location, Date etc. in English.

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Oh I get it thanks so much! I'm not sure what this is abbreviated for but in its summary it says it's from FRE does that stand for France?
Well, yeah, it does mean French.
However, it may have just came from a French game, transferred to a Japanese Gen VI game.
Ok thank you you both really helped a lot!
No problem, glad I could help :) and yeah FRE stands for France, the same as SPN stands for Spain and JPN stands for Japan.