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I need a way to get as much money as possible to get the two other Starter Mega Stones for Blastoise and Venusaur. I also need a way to find the Mega Stones which are Charizardite X and Mewtwonite X. I have Pokémon Y.

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Charizardite X and Mewtwonite X are both obtainable in pokemon X version only
Max your style to get the other 2x mega stones besides your starter stone. At the stone emporium. With all the right requirements done you can get his selling price right down to 10k..... goodluck
*cough* battle chateau *cough* amulet coin *cough cough* money o power *cough*

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Haii, my name is Indigo. Welcome to 'Finance with Indigo', where you can own half of the Kalos economy.

xD Sorry, I had to use that intro. :3

  • Find some items that sell for a high price. Stuff like Pearls, Big Pearls, Nuggets etc. They can sell for a high price, and are found all over Kalos. The holy Rare Bone is found on Route 19, and you can sell it for $5,000.
  • Sell vitamins. If you don't use your vitamins, these wonderful things can sell for $4,900 - $100 off the Rare Bone selling price. You've completed your game, so assuming your Pokemon have maximized their EVs, unless you wanna reset your EVs these vitamins are generally nothing but gold nuggets to you.
  • Vanquish the restaurants in Lumiose City. Honestly, these restaurants are like gold mines. Yeah, they cost a lot, but you can easily repay the price of the entry fee with the reward you receive at the end, and the bonus money the trainers give. Balm Mushrooms are worth $6,250 when you sell them - you can get up to $156,250 from Restaurant Le Wow! Wow! (That's if you have a perfect battling time there, if you don't you'll still get a lot though. And even Restaurant Le Yeah will give a lot away as well.)
  • Defeat the Pokemon League. Defeating the League will get you $68,320!

Also, use the Amulet Coin in every battle you do to double your winnings!
This should get you a lot of money easily, so have fun getting half of the Kalos economy.

This concludes today's episode of 'Finance with Indigo'. We hope you enjoyed it.

Hope I helped. :)
Source, Source, Serebii's Itemdex and Experience

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once you max out your skills at it, Hotel Richissime can give you an easy 100k-150k depending on how patient you are each day and it raises your style at the same time.
Oh yeah Hotel Richissime - I don't go there much but that's also another way. xD
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Amulet coin and fight the elite four
you get TONS of cash from that. And exp.

^ obvsly the best answer. Will never understand why indigo's was selected
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Firstly, you need to get your Lumiose city style all the way up. The fastest way I've found to do this is buy premiere balls one at a time and get a Fufrou groomed. It took about 177 premiere balls to max my style. Having max style should drop the mega stones' price down to 10,000.

Secondly, getting money can move by pretty fast with the three-star restaurant, and you can train Pokemon while doing so. Just grab a high level with a multi-hit move like Heat Wave or Earthquake, give it either the amulet coin or luck incense, and place it in the center of Restaurant Le Wow's triple battle option (I use shiny Kyogre with Water Spout :D). Make sure you have the prize money O-Power going as well for maximum monies. To speed up the process even more, turn off battle animations in the menu. When you beat the restaurant, they'll give you Balm Mushrooms to sell, and the cash from those plus the Bargain O-Power should give you plenty to spend in no time.

Since you have Y version, there isn't an in-game way to get the X version Mega Stones. My only advice would be to change your status message in Passerby, ask on an online forum like Serebii, or trade from a friend. If I left anything out, forgive my absentmindedness, hope this helps!

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Here's what I've found through exp.

Go to luminouse city and enter LE WOW café, with amulet coin and money o power lv 3 on, for max amount.

Take on elite 4 with amulet coin and money o power lv 3. each elite four member pays you about 90k. with that on. Doesn't cost to enter as you know, compared to Le wow. Should make through this method 450.000 poke dollars.

Another but alternative method that is frowned upon is cheating. Use a powersave device and hack for unlimited max or unlimited.

I've cleared Hall of fame 15x and have accumulated a sum of 6.499.201.

Hope I Helped

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I have a better way to get rich than beating the Elite 4.

Step 1: catch Meowth/Persian

Step 2: make sure your Meowth/Persian has a Moveset of Pay Day, Night Slash, Odor Sleuth, and Hypnosis

Step 3: get into Pokemon battles with random trainers on routes

Step 4: use Pay Day. If it's a ghost type Pokemon then use odor sleuth first turn

Final step: make sure the trainer is defeated

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