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I need to know for my Spiritomb.


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Pain Split hits Ghost Pokemon.
Please remember that Ghost types are immune only to normal type moves which will inflict damage on the opponent . Non-damaging moves like Foresight and Pain Split work.
Here's showdown proof if you want

This should probably hard-counter Mega Gengar as most of them carry three/two status moves and other STAB moves (save the rare Dazzling Gleam). Thanks a lot!
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Pain Split is a Normal-Type move that ghost type Pokemon know.

And YES Pain -Split does hit ghost type Pokemon (tried and worked) on showdown.


Here's proof it works on ghost types….. I used Pain split on the 3rd turn and Trick on the 4TH just to prove..


Also here's Spiritombs sheet EGG MOVES HERE Breed a MALE misdreavus with Pain split learned through level up at =lv 32= with a any type of spiritomb.

The male will pass down the egg move.

And Goodluck!

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