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So many people prefer mega pinsir over mega heracross, because they think heracross is bad. Is it because the mega evo has less speed? I'm planning to do a team with galvantula's sticky web, then baton pass shift gear from smeargle to heracross. Then it would have a good chance of outspeeding most Pokémon? Or?


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One of Mega Heracross's problems does lie in it's speed. Heracross itself doesn't have a good speed stat, and because of that if you see it it will usually have a Choice Scarf as apposed to a Mega Stone. It's base form has particularly good abilities for a Choice Scarf set and it doesn't need Skill Link to be useful. But also, is that while it is bulky, it has no reliable form of recovery, and it's typing isn't particularly good defensively. While it's typing was great offensively last generation, this one introduced many threats that laugh at it. Fairy Types resist both of it's STAB, and the popularity of Aegislash and Talonflame aren't doing it any favors either. If you ask me though sticky web support would be great for it, but I doubt you'd get too far with Baton Passing it boosts because of it's typing.

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I understand why mega heracross is criticized now. The only thing I don't understand is why baton passning won't work, because his coverage are pretty good.
My Heracross:

[email protected]

Guts(skill link)
Jolly nature
Evs: 4hp, 252atk, 252spd

Pin missile(deals with psychic-types)
Close combat(great STAB)
Rock blast(used against flying and fairy-types)
Earthquake(coverage for fire-types)
The main reason I said that was because of Talonflame--it's too common to ignore.  And while hesitant to say it due to your standing Mega Pinsir--because it almost always has Aerialate Quick Attack and it's not exactly an uncommon Mega either.  Both of these will end Heracross or force it out.  Smeargle Baton Pass is generally all or nothing since it will usually never be able to do it again, and that's assuming you do it successfully in the first place.  Physically Defensive Skarmory and Hippowdon WILL also be able to take the hit to Phaze you out.  
My advice is to Take out Rock Blast, use a Jolly Nature, and put Swords Dance in it's place. This would firstly give you more overall power while still letting you outspeed stuff (It would let you KO Skarmory).  Second I would then take out Smeargle to counter Flying Types such as Rotom-W.  This would be a more reliable build.  Also, if you hate Rotom-W for being so overused, then Rhyperior would also be a fun Absolute Stop to Flying Types.
Pinsir gets Aerilate.
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Mega Heracross isn't rubbish, it's equal! but in different areas :P. He has a decent speed output and can be useful, below is an example of why it could be better than Mega Pinsir but lacks major speed clauses in it's replacement. (I run both and both are equally indifferent to each other). Sticky web would give it a boost but again like mentioned below with just 95 speed it could outspeed most anyway.

Base Stats as mega:-

Heracross-MegaBugFightingSkill LinkHP 80Atk/185Def/115SpA/40SpD/105Spe/75BST/60

Lv 50 Mega Heracross:-
Hold - Heracrossonite
Ability - (as Mega) Skill LInk

Bullet Seed
Pin Missile
Swords Dance
Brick Break

Ev's Preffered - 252 HP/252 Attack/ 4 Speed Adamant Nature - Attack+ Sp.atk-

So at lv 50 as Mega Heracross has:-

HP - 187
Att - 260
Def - 135
Sp.Atk - 54
Sp.Def - 126
Spe - 95

95 Speed beats most Pokemon on wi-fi battling.

Source - Exp.

Too much math, it hurts my head :(
I got it all from showdown anyway, i'm not doing maths (i hate it somedays) LOL
I prefer flame orb to Heracronite, you get more attack to deal that heavy damage, and if you wanna be a douche, fling that flame orb
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I don't know why. I use one in my party and it does fine. I guess because it has bad special attack and low speed. It also takes x4 from Flying types. But if it is Jolly it does fine. So, I don't know why it is so criticized.

Heracross @ Heracronite
Ability: Guts(Skill Link when Mega)
Jolly Nature
EVs: 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe
-Close Combat/Brick Break
-Stone Edge
-Earthquake/Aerial Ace

Just a tip i see no reason to not use pin missile overegahorn and rock blast over stone edge.

Pin missile 5x25=125 95%accuracy
Rock blast 5x25=125 90%accuracy

Take advantage of his ability!