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I can't decide who to pick for my team. Conkeldurr is a bit bulkier than Heracross but Mega Heracross's attack is higher. Who should I pick? Here's the rest of my team if it helps you in answering the question:

Please answer in full details and show your reasoning.

Thank you.

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Rotom as in Rotom-Wash right
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To many pokemon capable of mega evolveing
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Here with respect to your team, I'm going to argue for Conkeldurr.


There are a few things Conkeldurr has over Heracross:

  1. It reduces your Rock and Dark weaknesses, Heracross fails to do away with the Rock one.

  2. It doesn't occupy a Mega Evolution slot, and since your team has the potential forthree Megas, you don't really need a fourth one.

  3. Having average speed in my opinion can actually be worse than being very slow. Mega Heracross lacks the speed to outspeed many important Pokemon, while not having the best typing to take hits either (especially with Talonflame and Mega Pinsir everywhere). Conkeldurr can take a few hits reliably though, in exchange for the speed.

  4. Heracross can run a Scarf very well with Moxie. Now it comes down to Item Clauses. If you have item clauses, then Chandelure/Garchomp would definitely want a Choice Scarf, which means Heracross will lose it's most important item. However, Conkeldurr can run Assault Vest, something your team may or may not have, and also a Flame Orb. If no Item clauses though, either does the trick nicely.

  5. Your team is somewhat afraid of Ghosts. Heracross can't bare to stand in front of one either, without taking a chink of damage. But Conkeldurr gets Knock Off, as well as superior bulk and immediate power to go along with it.

  6. For being able to outspeed stuff, Heracross has to go for a Jolly nature, not making complete use of it's attack stat. Conkeldurr is too slow to outspeed anything though, so it can easily run an Adamant nature and investing in bulk instead of speed.

  7. Your team lacks priority other than Scizor. Heracross doesn't get any priority, Conkeldurr gets Mach punch.

  8. Scizor and Heracross do a lot of things similarly, so it kinda cuts the variety in your team.

I like your team though, as both of them can viably fit in.

So yeah it is a bit of personal opinion.

Hope I helped!

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Ok thanks! Garchomp and Gyarados are holding Mega stones btw and Conkeldurr is gonna hold flame orb
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Both Conkledurr and Heracross are fine, they are both very good physical attackers but Conkledurr has low defensive stats unless you use Bulk Up as a power up for 2 or 1 times,while heracross is good with a little base Sp.def but mega evolveing it would make it slower but un mega evolved it has okay speed. Conkledurr is onley wek to flying, psychic and fairy while herracross and its mega form are weak to psychic, fairy, fire and is very weak around flying type moves, Anyway the two Pokemon are both great. If you have a guts ability herracross it will be very offensive if it has a status condition or holding either flme or toxic orb, swarm ability is good for powering up bug type moves like pin missle and mega horn, its hidden ability Moxie will raise its attack whenever it defeats a opponent and mega herracross ha skill link so bullet seed, pin missle and some other keep doing attacks will be perefect. Conkledurr with its hiddden ability, Iron fist raises the power of fist moves such sky uper cut nd thunder punch (to bad close combat couldn't be one of them) guts is its first ability which is good with status problem or flame/ toxic orb to make attcks and sheer force I forgot. you chose ok

for easier info: Herracross and Meg Herracross: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Heracross_(Pokémon) and for Conkeldurr http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Conkeldurr. I hope I helped