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I'm thinking maybe I can translate a Skarm with thesw moves and breed them onto a new one. Will this work?


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As of now, in generation 6, you cant get Stealth Rock on Skarmory since no Pokemon in the Flying egg group learns it by level up so the only way to get a Stealth Rock Skarmory in X or Y would be to Pokebank one over from Black 2/ White 2 (there is a tutor in Driftveil city FYI)
Whirlwind would be easy to get since alot of Pokemon from the Flying egg group learn it by level up so all you need to do is get one of those (male) Pokemon that knows Whirlwind and is in the Flying egg group and and breed it with a female Skarmory. (list of Pokemon that learn Whirlwind by level up)

Source, source and trying to get a good competitive Skarmory in gen 6 myself.

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Terlor, I've got a whirlwind, stealth rock, brave bird skarmory if u like
As long as you send the skarmory with stealth rock over, it will still breed on to a baby skarmory. If then you decide you want whirlwind on it, breed it with a skarmory that knows stealth rocks and then you can have both. Why the edit semp?