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I've been doing some Wifi Battling and noticed how quite a few people have Hitmonchan on their team. Is it a good Pokémon to use competitively? Why?


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It is OK competitively because it learns the all three elemental punches at level 36, but there are so many better Fighting type Pokemon with much better stats and a duel type.
It has very a very high Sp. Def but no HP to back that up (which rules out tanking) but with its high Attack, 'meh' Defense and 'meh' Speed, it can be used as a Physical sweeper/staller.
So basically its all up to you to decide which Fighting type you want for your team and since there are better Fighting types like Conkledurr, Lucario etc., I doubt you'll pick Hitmonchan.

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Don't forget to mention Rapid Spin