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I got a lvl 24 Sylveon from wonder trade, and when I checked it's summary I saw a little black box at the top that had the letters SPA in. What does this mean and should I be worried?

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The SPA means that your Pokémon was originally from Spain. Foreign Pokémon all have 3 letters that indicate the country (i.e. JPN from Japan, ENG from England, etc.)

This is actually a great thing for a few notable reasons. First of all, foreign Pokémon get 1.7x experience from battling (compared to 1.5x from a traded Pokémon from within your country), and not only that, you can use the Masuda method to get a shiny Eevee (which is very valuable).

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thank yoo now i'm going to try the masuda method to get shiny eevee :3
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It means it's spanish

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If the original game the Pokemon was in is spanish. Spa is another word for it. The only way you can obtain it is to get someone with a spanish game over wifi or someone else who does

Hope this helped!!!

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I got a Spanish shiny clawitzer