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Where is the best place to find a shiny Magikarp or Gyarados? (on either Firered or Diamond)

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Well..There is no place to "find" a shiny, as you have the same chance of encountering one anywhere. Since you have a 1/8192 chance, the odds are against you, so just play the game, and let the shiny find you. The only shiny pokemon you are guaranteed to find in the games is the red Gyrados in the HG/SS games, (or GSC if you're playing the older games)

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Fishing for magikarp for about eight thousand times and if you're lucky you might find one!

the thing is the chance of finding a shiny pokemon is so gosh darn low that even if you spend weeks of fishing you might still end up finding none.

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Just look at the route near Eterna City in the water and you will find( or maybe not ) Magikarp keep your hopes up and you might find a shiny one. Gyrados, well you can practically find them everywhere. fire red well I don't play that so I really don't know.

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