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So I wanted to try the Cute Charm glitch. I have asked another question, which can be seen [here][1].

Anyway, I wanted to ask if I should soft reset in Soul Silver to try and obtain a shiny starter in the beginning, because I need to find my Secret ID, which can only be found if you have a shiny, or if you use the Action Replay code.

Now, I'm not a big fan of Action Replay after seeing what it did to my friend's game.

Should I soft reset for a shiny starter or wait until I reach the Red Gyarados, which is extremely far away?

If I get the Cute Charm Glitch to work, I'll be so happy with my Shiny Lugia, Ho-oh, Entei, Raikou and Suicune.

EDIT: Tell me what you would do, and please provide reasons.
[1]: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/215161/i-need-help-with-the-cute-charm-glitch

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Ok. SR all the way.
please answer, with reasons, and what would you do
Starters are cooler?
then why dont you anwer
OK answered. No more wall posts so I'm bunking 'cause I am sick.

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Answering from my point of view.

Get to the Gyarados.

Meganium looks gold.
Typhlosion looks slightly decolored.
Feraligatr looks Torquise.
Besides, the Gyarados isn't that far away. At lelast not in Kanto.
Shiny starters are rare but useless unless you have Pokebank. If transferred, tarde for some really rare legends.
Shiny starters are nice and all but a 1/8192 chance of getting one? Useless. And really hard.

Go for the Gyarados

HOpe I helped!
-It's a secret!

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But Gyarados is really far away, unless i can void glitch, i dont think i can do it
Not that far. Just train your starter, kick the gyms and get to the gyarados.
Get over it, Pokemon games are made to play. Play them and have fun.
And it's not even that far anyway. From memory, I got to Goldenrod in my third day of playing, then Ecruteak, then Mahogany. North of Mahogany is your shiny Gyarados.
I finished White 2 in about a day.
I finished Y in about three.
I finished mine in one... month.
And a few days.
xD Wow Indi
I finished white 2 in about a week.