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I really want that Shiny Zygarde. I did a bit of research and apparently someone hacked the game and found the shiny sprites of the X/Y/Z Legendaries.. But people are saying it's normally shiny locked and the hacker just found a thing GameFreak put in to prevent people from encountering serious issues when hacking. This is assuming it's all real, of course. I decided to soft reset for it if it's not confirmed(who knows, maybe I'll actually find it), but if someone could give me a solid "Yes, it's real" or "Can't obtain it until there's an event" with a reliable source, that would be good.

im 99% sure they are shiny locked with 4 sources
I don't think you can.

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Zygarde does have a Shiny Sprite however it is coded not to be Shiny in Pokémon X and Y along with Xerneas and Yveltal. So you cannot get a Shiny Zygarde by Soft Resetting the game, the only way to get one would be by hacking or by Event if there was a Shiny Zygarde Event.

Anyway here is Zygarde's Normal and Shiny Sprite:

Zygarde Normal Zygarde Shiny

Sources: http://www.serebii.net/games/shiny.shtml


Hope I helped :)

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So basically, it's coded to be shiny but the coding doesn't extend to normal gameplay? Aww. Thanks.
Why did they give the best shiny sprite to the worst legendary...
Yeah basically and your welcome :)
I wish GF would stop preventing us from get Shiny Legendary Pokémon in the games :/
lol the shiny Zygarde is smaller than the normal one :P
Worst Legendary GLIgurr? Please, If he's the worst legendary, then why did Smogon put him in BL and not NU? He clearly has potential to be strong and wreck people, you just have to be smart when training him unlike his fellow legends in Ubers who are so stupid powerful that they don't need any real EV training or good nature to be strong (which is why people hate them, im glad he isn't that strong, that way I can use him in your basic OU fights without repercussions.), Zygarde is like your basic fully evolved pokemon, he has high stats, a good movepool, and an interesting typing of which to destroy a few counters that would normally wreck your team and not the other way around.
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No, Zygarde is coded not to be shiny. :(

enter image description here

Source: Serebii