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Which is better Eternatus or Zygarde? (My team is: Gengar Marshadow Charizard Kyurem) I like Zygarde and Eternatus both. (SwSh)

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What are you doing with whatever Pokémon you chose?  Online Battles, etc.
Nvm no for play through (just which is stronger)
Someone answer plox

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For a playthrough, Zygarde has Eternatus beat. It has a higher BST when in Complete Form, and is more offensively-based. It gets excellent moves like Thousand Arrows, Outrage, and Crunch, meaning it can do a lot of damage to any foe. Eternatus works, but Zygarde is better.

Zygarde @ Life Orb / really anything else
Ability: Power Construct
- Thousand Arrows
- Outrage
- Crunch
- Coil / Brick Break

Eternatus is quite good offensively as well, it's true, but I do prefer Zygarde. I may as well provide a moveset for Eternatus as well, in case you would prefer a special attacker.

Eternatus @ Life Orb / Choice Specs / Wise Glasses
Ability: Pressure
- Dynamax Cannon
- Sludge Wave
- Flamethrower / Mystical Fire
- Flash Cannon / Shadow Ball

Hope I helped!

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"and is more offensively-based."
You're likely ignoring the fact about Eterntatus' offensive capabilities. It has an excellent typing, and a whooping Sp.Atk of 145 and is very fast. Zygarde has only 100 Atk, and Dragon Dance's equivalent is Meteor Beam to Eternatus.
". It gets excellent moves like Thousand Arrows, Outrage, and Crunch"
Eternatus gets equally good moves like Dynamax Cannon, Sludge Wave/Bomb, Flamethrower and Meteor Beam.
Bruh then answer I’ll compare them answers
I haven't played SS so I have no experience with in-game. I can tell this from my competitive experience.
It is quite good offensively, yes, but it is primarily used defensively, from what I've seen. Plus in-game, it's more up to personal preference, and I believe Zygarde is ever so slightly better. It is true that they're both good offensively -- one physically, one specially -- so I might as well put a moveset for Eternatus as well. I'll edit my answer.
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