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Recently, my switch's right (red) controller began malfunctioning. Due to the current conditions, I can't send it to Nintendo due to the fact that their factories/centres aren't open. However, I want to know if I can still play through the game. Luckily, I had casual controls off for my main account. However, if I wanted extra Kubfus or Zacians, it would require me to create a new account and playing through the game again. When I try on my alts, I can enter the game by pressing ZL. However, in the game, is there any way I can access system settings without pressing 'x'?

If there is no possible way, don't stress - I'll just bear the truth.

There isn't a solution for your specific issue mentioned, but if you want i can help you trouble shoot your controller. I have some knowledge in technology and have done a few joycon repairs, so depending on the issue i might be able to help you find a temporarily fix
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Eh... the answer is still dependent on how the Pokemon game works, too. I'll let it go.

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I don't think so-I've tried that because my right controller ran out of battery snd I could not access the system settings, Y-comn or select moves in battle.

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You will need to remap the buttons on your left controller which is in the settings.

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Could you please articulate? I’ve tried and it hasn’t worked.