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I don't have any team, I am starting from scratch .which one can have an advantage over more gyms and has better moves

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You need it many times in swsh, while Tsareena overlaps with Rillaboom, but that's just my opinion. :)
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Ralts is very difficult to get in SWSH, only appearing in one area in one weather pre-league. I’d say use Gardevoir if you get your hands on a Ralts, but Tsareena is very good too, particularly if you aren’t using Rillaboom. I’ve used a Tsareena in Sword, and it worked pretty well.

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It has a better typing, and is an amazing special attacker. Most of the time speed isn't an issue in playthroughs.

Gardevoir @ Twisted Spoon (Found as a deal in Stow-On-Side)
Recommended ability is Synchronize and Modest nature
-Moonblast (Move Relearner)
-Psychic (Learnt at level 42)
-Shadow Ball (TR, get it from Gastly raids at the very start)
-Thunderbolt/Calm Mind (Thunderbolt is a TR and Calm Mind is learned at level 35)

You can find a Ralts in Rolling Fields, South Lake Miloch, Dappled Grove, West Lake Axewell, North Lake Miloch, Watchtower Ruins, and Fields of Honor.

With these moves, Gardevoir can have supereffective damage against:

Nessa's entire team
Allister's entire team
Piers' entire team except for Skuntank

Wyndon Stadium
Nessa's entire team except for Quagsire
Allister's entire team
Piers' entire team

Evil Team
Basically all of the Team Yell grunts' Pokemon, since they use Dark-types

Hop's Inteleon*, Corviknight, Cramorant, and Trevenant.
Marnie's entire team
Bede's entire team until Wyndon stadium

Leon's Charizard, Inteleon**, Haxorus, Dragapult, and Aegislash.

It also gives you powerful neutral damage, and coverage for tons of random trainers.

*If you choose Grookey.
**If you choose Scorbunny.

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Leon has a Cinderace, not an Inteleon if you choose Grookey.
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