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I heard about the Shiny Zygarde event and it really got me thinking. If you disassemble a shiny Zygarde then will it stay shiny once you reassemble it? Just wondering.

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Tbh Shiny Zygarde looks like my toothpaste, so I wouldn't mind having it lose its shinyness.
In my opinion, the toothpaste color actually looks good on zygarde.
bulbasaur_ggd, no, it acts as if you release a Zygarde and then catch a new one, it doesn't alter the Zygarde in any terms accept when you change it's ability or form.
You can just save before you try it if you are still worried.
Ok, that might work.

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The event Zygarde cannot be separated. Why? It's because of its ability, power construct. If you try to separate the event Zygarde, the game will say: "The cells are bound together too tightly! It can't be separated!", which would be the same for any other complete Zygarde. But, if you had a shiny Zygarde without power construct, then you could separate it and lose the shininess.

The shiny 100% Forme has the same colors as shiny 50% Zygarde.

Source: I just tried this in Ultra Moon

EDIT: Yay, this is my second answer!

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My answer is still partly right then...
So can we get shiny 100% or not???
Yes you would just need more Zygarde cells.
Sorry, I didn't see this answer. But if it's true then, it's worthy for best answer.
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The Shiny Zygarde event carries the usual event ribbon, which makes it immune from being sent out on GTS or Wonder Trade. But in Zygarde's case, the ribbon also serves an extra purpose: the disassembly machine will outright refuse to allow you to disassemble a Zygarde that has this event ribbon, so you don't have to worry about accidentally destroying a shiny and only being able to reconstruct a non-shiny after all.

You think?
Although if hou make the zygarde 100% form it wont be shiny
That sounds interesting.