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If I got a Zygarde from Wonder Trade, would I be able to disassemble it despite it not being mine? Suppose I'd already created two 50% Zygarde, can I fill my cube up again?

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From what I'm gathering, you can disassemble other people's Zygarde and add them to your collection of cells.
I can only really confirm this with three random people on the internet, but no one is denying it, so I guess that answers your question. If anyone else would like to test, you can comment about your outcome below. That being said, if you trade away the Zygarde you developed from the cells scattered around Alola, those cells do not respawn - they're gone forever.

It's also possible to get more than 100 cells, however it won't say that you have more than 100. It will just say 100/100 until you go below 100.

Hope I helped. :)

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You can deconstruct other people's 10% and 50% Zygardes if their Ability is Aura Break. When constructing Zygardes 10% or 50% they might also get the Power Construct ability, and when you get this zygarde, you cannot deconstruct it more, because it is basically the 100% form, when HP is lower than 50%. It will not let you deconstruct. But as long as the Zygarde you have has Aura Break, this one can be disassembled! :D
I tried it myself and can vouch for it being true.

More info:
Power Construct ability

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ive done this. right now im trying to gather more cell. for another Zygarde. i have a 100% Zygarde, but i also want to use it's 10% and 50% forms.