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Forretres -HP defence and sp defence (i need it to stay alive for the longest time it can )

torretera-defnce attack and HP

kingdra-SP attck and speed

arcanine-speed sp attack and attack (mix sweeper)

electivire-speed attack (physical sweeper)

metagross-attack defence hp


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Forrteress - Focus on Sp Defense and HP, and then use the last EVs on Defense.

Torrterra - Again, HP, Attack and Sp Defense, But now train to maximized EVs on Attack and HP.

Kingdra - I guess you're going with a Special moveset so train in Sp Attack and both of the Defenses because you rather take a hit well than to move first and get KOed.

Arcanine - Thats fine, but if you have extra points to spare, use them on HP.

Electivire - Good and again, HP!

Metagross - I would train him more on Sp Defense than Defense because he already have great Defense.

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