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I was battling in the Battle Institute in my Pokémon Y and on turn 2, this string of events happened:

  1. Enemy Zebstrika uses Flame Charge on Galvantula, fainting it.
  2. Enemy Mandibuzz EATS ITS SITRUS BERRY.
  3. Mega Medicham uses Drain Punch on enemy Zebstrika, fainting it.
  4. Enemy Mandibuzz uses Incinerate on Mega Medicham.

Why did this Mandibuzz eat its berry in the middle of turn two? Its ability is Weak Armor, if that helps.


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I think I know why. Galavantula had unnurve as an ability. So when Mandibuzz went below half health first, it didn't eat its berry. But when Galavantula fainted, there was no longer any unnurveness, so it ate its berry.

But if Mandibuzz wasn't under half health, then, maybe eating berries early is just a side affect of this type of thing.

I hope I make sense.

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Is anyone willing to test this with me on showdown?
It's pretty much confirmed.

I saw it just a while ago on one of Pimpnite's battles w/ Bananasuar. :P
I completely forgot that I have Unnerve instead of Compound Eyes! XD Thank you so much for pointing that out NOBY 112.  I thought my game was glitched or something.
You're welcome.